MBBS at Private College in India vs MBBS from Kyrgyzstan: Which is Better?

Admission for MBBS degree and after admission completing it is a prestigious thing in itself and all students are not capable to achieve it. When a student decides to study MBBS then the main problem for him is whether he should go for private medical college in his country or go abroad because every student can not get seat in a government medical college in India. So if any student wants to go abroad for MBBS study then MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is the best option for him. So here we are comparing MBBS from Kyrgyzstan vs MBBS from Private College in India.

Quality of Medical Education
You may get enrolled in a good private medical college in India but if we compare with Kyrgyzstan Government Medical Colleges then you will get higher quality of Education in Kyrgyzstan and no matter in which Medical College of Kyrgyzstan you go. You can not be wrong when it comes to pursuing MBBS from a Medical University of Kyrgyzstan because there you will get top notch faculty combined with extensive practical training and advanced equipment and amenities.

mbbs in kyrgyzstan

MBBS Course Fees
Being a five and half-year MBBS Course, completing an MBBS degree can prove to be quite expensive in India. Because Private Medical Colleges in India are very expensive and Medical Degree for Kyrgyzstan will be affordable than getting a degree from Indian private medical colleges. Kyrgyzstan offers a cheaper cost of living for foreign medical students especially the student class, even in metropolitan and big cities. So If you have a budget for MBBS study, then Kyrgyzstan would be a better option for you.

Global Experience and Exposure 
The global experience and exposure that India Medical Students get in Kyrgyzstan makes all the difference. Staying in India, you will not get the kind of exposure and experience that you must gain during your college years. Such an experience will come to you automatically when you stay in Kyrgyzstan for medical study, meet new people and overcome new and difficult situations every day of your life.

Availability of MBBS Course Seats 
India has a large population and it is quite difficult for medical students to secure a seat in a private medical college because as seats fill up fast and once the numbers are full, the colleges refuse to take on any more students. Then students have the option of medical study in abroad and Kyrgyzstan is the best option for MBBS in abroad. There are numerous medical colleges and universities in Kyrgyzstan to choose for India students and it is easy for students to choose the one that suits their own budget and requirements best.

Job Placement in Abroad
Most students, who pursue an MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, take up jobs in the developed country itself, settle there and do not come back to their country. Students consider this as a great opportunity as they get to reside in developed countries which are better than their own allowing them to earn more and lead a better life there. So think about your MBBS study, your budget and where you want to go for medical study, in India or Kyrgyzstan.

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